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Facts About Bonding Bees Subscription

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The Bonding bees box is one of the subscription boxes which send couples a fun and new date night experience. The boxes are kept entirely under wraps. Ideas of items are included in these boxes. The following are the date box examples of activities and gifts that are included in this box: games, relationship-building exercises, challenges, crafts, changes, and deserts.With these boxes, couples can easily fall into their routine.

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It has provided new couple with opportunities of strengthening their relationships. Every relationship should have a romantic side to ensure that it does not falter and suffer. Couples should spend time together and do certain things together for them to remain strong. For instance, they can take walks or cook dinner together.

A Bonding Bees Box is merely a date. It comes with many things such as games that bring couples together. It can also include other activities that help in boding lovers. It is well designed to plan dates. This means that couples don’t have to be stressed about it. Many people have been relying on it to understand their personalities. It is such a great idea.

How Does Its Subscription Work?


With this box, you can choose the most suitable plan for you and set up your account. They have different subscription options which allow the users to choose the best fit. In addition to this, you can easily personalize your dates. Different couples have their personalities, likes, and dislikes. For instance, some prefer going out while other prefer staying in. The date night arrives at the mid of every month (around date 15). These dates are well planned and ready for couples.

How Does Bonding Bes Box Work?

Every month’s box comes as a surprise. It can include games and activities such as crafts and relationship-building exercises which are meant to bring people closer together. It has three levels of subscription. These include:

  • Committed – This is a six months subscription which has a prepaid monthly subscription fee of 32 USD. It is considered as one of the most economical choices for dates.
  • Crushing– It is three months subscription which has a prepaid monthly subscription of 35 USD.
  • Curious-This is a two months subscription. It has a monthly subscription fee of 35 USD.

In addition to this, there is a Mother’s Day gift that is coming up soon. This is one of the beautiful gifts for moms (and their men).