Different Types of Visual Art

visual art

A lot of things in this life is beautiful. One of which is art. Art itself is the word used to describe a beautiful thing. It is the study and creation of beauty. The utmost beautiful art is called a masterpiece. It is the ultimate work of art. There are many different types of art in this world. What we will discuss in this article is visual art. Visual art is a type of art that is felt and seen with our eyes. It is a tangible piece that is made by an artist to be enjoyed with our eyes. Regarding visual arts, there are several types. In this article, we will discuss drawing and painting, calligraphy, photography and videography, as well as sculpture.

Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting is a two dimensional way of making art.It uses tools to make marks on a surface to create a work of art in the form of an image. Drawing can be done digitally as well as with tools such as pencils, pens, ink, crayons, charcoals, and more. The difference between painting and drawing is in painting, color is essential. When you paint, it usually means to create images with using paint usually in color. Drawing is an art form used to create illustrations, animations, and comics.


calligraphyA calligraphy is an art form that combines painting with writing. It is a creation of a piece of two-dimensional art with words and letters. It dates back centuries ago and can be considered an ancient type of visual art. Japanese calligraphy painting is a type of the art of calligraphy. There are also Chinese, Arabic, as well as European, and others. There is also modern calligraphy. Modern calligraphy is what people today call them as typography or hand lettering.

Photography and videography

Photography and videography is a type of work of art that is made with a device, which is a camera. Photography is the art form that entails the creative vision of a photographer that translates into a photograph done by capturing it with a camera. Videography is also known as the art of video or filmmaking. It is the art of creating motion picture which usually tells a story through moving images.


sculptureA sculpture is an artwork that is three-dimensional. The process of creating a sculpture entails the methods of sculpting, carving, and modeling. Different materials can make a sculpture. These materials include ceramics, clay, wood, metal, stone, marble, and many more. The result will be a three-dimensional work of art straight out of the mind and creativity of the artist.